Zoe Nicholas
BA (HONS) Photography + Video Art


My practice straddles photographic ideas relating to my interests in both conceptual and commercial practice.

I am interested in the unobtainable hyper-aesthetic of fashion using surrealist collage as a means of deconstructing its tropes.


Yesim Yilmaz
BA (HONS) Photography + Video Art


I am currently working on a documentary of alternative relationship lifestyles. In my images I am looking to present a non-judgemental exploration of the connection between human beings and their recreational activities.

Sexual healing comes in all forms; sexual needs have evolved into many different choices. These changes in sexuality have been due to variations in cultural and social sensitivity. Some of us reject the cultural norm to explore sexual taboos and live life liberally. I like to capture moments of individual sexual liberalism.


Michael Parr
BA (HONS) Photography + Video Art

michael-parr.com michaeltwparr@hotmail.com

Michael Parr is a London-based visual artist, whose practice explores ideas of the archive, examined through the use of documentary and portrait photography.

Combining modern digital technology with traditional analogue printing techniques, Michael appropriates his photographer grandfather’s archive in order to investigate the social relationships and history of his family from the early 50’s to the late 80’s, exploring the consanguinity (or blood ties) related to his birth.

Since I started the course I’ve tried to experiment with collages and distorting images, which I had started in my second year. I wanted my work to look eye catching allowing people to get my message I’m trying to show in my work.


Kelly Roisin Morris
BA (HONS) Photography + Video Art


Kelly Morris is a photographer who looks for inspiration in social issues. Using mixed media methods she creates a wide variety of works containing powerful messages about contemporary injustice. Kelly hopes to pursue this line of visual questioning after graduation, with the aim of challenging the opinions of her audience and bringing attention to various social agendas.

Kelly’s work is created with the hope to inspire and inform.

Helen Squires
BA (HONS) Photography + Video Art


I have a great passion for both night photography and creative digital editing. The artistic freedom that education provides has really helped me to hone my own personal style. It has given me the opportunity to combine other interests of mine, such as dystopian fiction, with my passion for photography.

I enjoy exploring urban landscapes by night, and employing photographic techniques to suggest what might, or might not, be lurking in the shadows.


Francesca Divorty
BA (HONS) Photography + Video Art


Francesca Divorty is a British contemporary artist, originating from North Yorkshire. Divorty’s practice incorporates photography, video and more recently audio. Her main focus within each project has been an exploration of identity, focusing on nationality, history and gender. More recently Divorty has been interested in ideas of collective consciousness, how our brain recalls visual memory and how the media shapes this.

Using newspaper images of an event in British history, Divorty recorded recollections from her family, testing how the event permeated the consciousness of each generation.

Elena Izabela Capel
BA (HONS) Photography + Video Art


The current focus of my work is “contrasts”. Contrast is something omnipresent in one’s life, since most of the time happiness alternates with sadness, depression or another sort of crisis. One underlying theme of this work is the notion of dichotomy between introvert and extrovert and my project aims to visually depict the lives of both of these within the contexts of rural and urban settings.


Alex Wickenden
BA (HONS) Photography + Video Art


Alex Wickenden is a conceptual photography, video and performance based artist. Taking inspiration from practitioners and academics such as Joan Fontcuberta, Susan Sontag and Martha Rosler; Alex’s work centres largely around the philosophy of documentary photography, with a particular focus on the complex ethics of image integrity.

Most recently with his ‘Vinny & The Verdudes’ documentary project, Alex has also incorporated themes of historicism in conjunction with the use of archival material in the art world; in turn raising further questions relating to the relevance of cultural fields in a contemporary, creative and historical setting.