Loren Boyle
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”
Power became a large focus for me as a designer this year, especially how women have been empowered. Within a fashion context, I wanted to explore how garments and trends have allowed women to be free, experimental and pushing boundaries. I also wanted to look at the opposite of this, and how women are restricted by fashion, manipulating or distorting their bodies to fit in to societies ideas.


Bialle Gbo
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


This collection is a mixture of two fashion trends merging together. A touch of Urban/Hip Hop/ Street Wear and elegance put together to create a diverse/chic look. This collection is a self projection collection but I am sure many will relate to my designs.


Charlotte Wadmore
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


My final collection is concerned with body manipulation and ways that women have used fashion as a means to alter the physical appearance of their bodies. I have tried to interpret feminine elegance using the visual the softness of draping for many of my garments, further highlighted with baby pink and cream colour palettes and gentle flowing fabrics. I have studied for 5 years and now feel ready to enter the industry as a commercial designer.


Chelsea Palmer
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


‘Externally Within’- My practice is based on architectural and historical armour forms that empower women, representing a shield against the media and fashion industry to prevent psychological disorders.

Damilola Ademola
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


The concept of my work was to look into Trans-gender/Trans-sexual lifestyle/culture and views on physical appearance of each gender, male and female. The key aspect of my practise is to work with simply cut garments, replacing elements of gender colour and shape with texture.

The questions I want my audience to ask themselves when viewing my collection are ‘What really makes a man or woman?’ ‘Why is it that heels, the colour pink are both linked to being a woman?’


Daniella Daramanu
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


My concept for my collection is Texture which came from the art I see all around. Anywhere I looked whatever I liked, and what drew my attention. The lines, movement, the emotion and colour. The message, it makes you think of, to try to understand the piece of work you’re looking at; an attempt to understand how the artist was thinking when creating this.

My final collection is based on texture and shown through in my manipulation of fabrics. I’ve tried to this is a unique way by creating my own individual styles of manipulation for each garment that has manipulation on. I also explored visual texture for garments as well.

Emelda Mbulo
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


Second Skin: Fashion as a content of masculinity. The skin represents meaning and is characterized differently: Defence, Identity, Tribe, Difference, Function, Absence. These characteristics build a sense of security and belonging. Second skin allows us to define character through clothing.

We are able to make or mask, masculinity at any given time. This becomes exciting because it allows individualism to become a subculture, giving us the opportunity to alter our appearance. Using pigmented skin as a representation of a form of defence or protection. This will then refine our masculinity and allow variability to be the content of the individual.


Frances Callaby
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


As an emerging designer, one of the most important aspects of design that I’ve learnt is storytelling. Much like a good book, if the story isn’t there, your work won’t draw people in. Stories lay the foundations of creative practice. A diversifiable approach is as important as interpretation & execution.

I’m constantly learning and can now appreciate the ‘mistakes’ in my practice, as these can lead to more successful outcomes. My designs are both commercial & bespoke for a more delicate finish. I find something beautiful about the combination of mixed-medias. Colour, texture & theme are all influential my practice.

Frances Thompson
BA (HONS) Fashion Design



Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Tsunamis are just some of the deadly hazards we are exposed to on Earth. As well as being dangerous to humans, these events shape our planet and affect where and how we live. Through a collection of six outfits I wanted to convey the distortion of reality after natural disasters. I looked at changing the way the fabrics sit on the body to represent destroyed landscapes. The colour palette for my collection was inspired from the ruins left after a natural event.


Grace Mwilima
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


Who am I? Identity as a narrative

Identity is essential to our formation as human beings and how we approach the world and our work as designers. The concept surrounding my project stems from my own identity. I wanted my work to tell a story and to be able to connect on a personal level that allows others into the world of who I am as a person and a designer. I projected my narrative through print and laser cutting as a way of showing the pride that comes from being a black woman but yet understanding and shining a light upon some of the issues that we face as a people. My artistic practice is an essential journey that has taken me through the past, present and future. Having the opportunity to do something that is so personal has evolved my thinking as a creative person and how I can use my work to express who I am.

Jadine Delarose Mullings
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


I am an undergraduate who has been studying Fashion Design & Textiles for the past 5 years. Upon completion of my degree, I aspire to have my own business entitled ‘Delarose Designs’, which will feature both bespoke and commercial wear for men and women.

My final collection is specifically tailored to women who want to be sexy, confident and stylish. The designs are very feminine as they are based around the concept of body image for shapely women.


Juliana Butnariu
BA (HONS) Fashion Design

iulianabutnariu1215527year3.wordpress.com iuliana.butnariu@study.beds.ac.uk

My practice is all about the 1920s, when fashion was dominated by the ‘Garçon’ look. Simple, straight and waist-less, the style was modern and liberating. As shirts became shorter, shoes became a focal point: silver and gold glace kid was popular for the evening.

During my practice I tried to create glamorous garments but in the same time keep it simple as I always say “The simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

Karina Sophia Buntyn
BA (HONS) Fashion Design

Sexuality and gender influences fashion, society and our everyday lives: from how we are accepted as a person, what actions are accepted within society and how we are portrayed in the public eye.

Style choice has always been a concept which causes controversy. No matter what era we lived in, men and women where constantly trying to reinvent themselves and used fashion to do so. Being different and having a different sense of style has always been seen as way of rebelling and pushing your personality through to the public without the need for speech.


Elizabeth Preston
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


Intrigued with captivating project concepts to reach optimum design outcomes for discerning clients.

I work with a variety of textiles and delicate fabrics, using traditional, hand-sewing techniques, for refined finishes and sophisticated garments in moody palettes.
Fabric manipulation is a key design focus and features in my final fashion collection. I use strong pattern cutting skills to solve problems and create beautiful clothes that are illustrated in a variety of styles. I am open to working with individual clients and in design teams and relish the opportunity to develop my design skills for commercial markets.


Vicky Pearson
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


My collection communicates Microscopic Skin Cells and exaggerated body manipulation. It conveys a simple curvy and classy look which is made from pure white Neoprene. This is then combined with a burst of colour through intricate handmade features such as felt fibre balls and knitting.


Adenike Adeniyi
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


“ Structural Minimalism: Based on breaking + reducing strong images to simpler forms.

Focused on reductive art movement: In particular the work of Donald Judd and Frank Stella.

My collection uses clean lines, structure and blocks of colours.


Nadejda Mohammad
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


My collection is inspired by Islamic Art and the history and aesthetics of Islam. Using highly embellished, bold coloured traditional eastern textiles, with contemporary hi-tech stretch fabrics.

I have used a wrapping technique to create my collection. Overlaying strips of fabric for a bamboo-like effect for a womens’ wear collection with historic Islamic Dress influences. I hope to pursue Postgraduate study in Fashion Design and support this with work experience in the industry.


Nafisa Fatima
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


The Abstract Dress

Designing garments has been my long-term favourite hobby. Inspiration for my final collection comes from Op Art. Where perceptions of colour and pattern to the human eye produce dazzling effects, which create movement and an energy that is mesmerising. Taking this on board I have created digital Op Art prints in bright primary colours for a collection of architecturally inspired clothes.


Nimy Thetika
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


Inspired by the 1960s, Mary Quant and the era of social-politico liberation and modernism, my collection is full of colour (neutrals with primaries), exaggerated form and detail for a pop-art driven explosion of fun and flirtiness...


Stephan Oshodi
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


My interests are varied I enjoy looking at old books and magazines from the 1980’s and 90’s. Streetwear and music from this time are used together with my main inspiration – Traditional Chinese Culture – for a menswear collection in muted colours: beige and off white. Showcasing – casual jackets, trousers, shorts, hoodies and tops shorts.

Using music as a sub-inspiration, I tried to capture a vision and different mood; where details of Chinese traditional costume are interpreted for contemporary menswear. My working process is to design and toile to test ideas then translate these through my personal sketchbooks.


Suwilanji Katuka
BA (HONS) Fashion Design


The Aspire collection is created around my ideal woman. I want the collection to be something women aspire to have. I chose to use a woman of colour because I don’t believe black models get the recognition and respect they deserve in the fashion industry.

I want my Ideal woman to inspire this generation to change: to see that black is beautiful, curves are beautiful, natural hair is beautiful. My African culture also played a big role in making this collection.

The woven garments are heavily influenced by my Zambian background and I also take inspiration from other African communities.


Anelah Nawaz
BA (HONS) Fashion Design

anelahnawazfashion.crevado.com anelahnawaz@yahoo.co.uk

My final collection is inspired by the Ocean and Icebergs. The organic shapes formed in ice, reveal differing levels of light that affect the colour and transparency of the Ocean.

Using this as a basis for my research I used traditional and cutting edge techniques to develop three-dimensional shapes and layers of laser-cut transparency. Producing a womens-wear collection themed on Ocean shades: a mix of oceanic mercy blues, greens and greys.

School of Art and Design

Undegraduate Degree Show 2015

University of Bedfordshire