Danique Jazz Dawkins
BA (HONS) Art + Design


Artist, Designer and Print Maker Danique Jazz Dawkins’ practice is a reflective narrative on aspects of particular life experiences.

Her motivations are Sickle Cell Disease and creating awareness for the illness and community. The artist often works with the concept of immersion but has recently proceeded on to creating a more subtle body of work.

The concept behind artist Danique’s print illustrates the ideas of how a particular physical feeling may be presented as an art form. The artist works with plain paper embossing’s in soft whites to signify refinement. Her work has a consisting yet contrasting theme and includes a collection of iconic screen and digital prints. The intention behind her practice is to share a story.


Niclette Asangando Kafuwa
BA (HONS) Art + Design


I’m a Congolese and British Artist based in the UK my work is based around the exploration of race, class and identity using a wide range of media and techniques particularly textiles. Because I am fascinated by the experience of working with fabric, mixing different textures, blending multiple colours and by the ways textiles can be manipulated by stitching and painting. Each of my pieces is created by using imagery from my sketchbook or camera that I’ve collected along the way and research.

I’m inspired by my own culture and identity my work is about understanding myself but also pushing other people to questioning their own identity. My art is a platform where I can expresses myself and have a dialogue with my audience.


Sherrelle Munns
BA (HONS) Art + Design


Sherrelle’s practice reflects upon art and humour, and the relationship between written and visual language is explored through model making and photography. Humour operates within her practice by being the first layer in her work using scale to make it humorous. The second layer in her work is a story that she would like the audience to connect with and that they recognise the humour and see what it brings to the work.

She makes books of her stories and she also uses photography to display the best single shots.

School of Art and Design

Undegraduate Degree Show 2015

University of Bedfordshire